Salesian Missions

Your compassion and generosity have brought the gift of life to thousands of children and families around the world! With access to clean water for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing, communities are leading healthier lives. Less risk of death from water-borne illnesses... fewer challenges associated with making arduous trips to find clean water to carry home... decent bathroom facilities and sanitary conditions at schools, which provide children with a healthier environment. All this is possible because of your generosity, which helps us bring clean water and improve the lives of those who need it most.

Safe, clean water has been provided thanks to generous friends like you!

Children and families all around the world are in desperate need of clean water for their everyday survival. With your gift, we will help build wells and supply fresh water to those who need it most.


Here are just some of the Clean Water Initiative Projects you have already helped to accomplish.

Children in Peru are excited to have clean water Access to clean water is crucial in Peru


Mountaintop villagers in Watzapampa and Shinua Jangas-Huaraz were excited to run thousands of feet of piping to bring clean drinking water to their villages, exponentially improving the quality of life for over 1,200 people. They were filled with joy at having drinking water in their homes for the very first time - clean water that’s suitable for human consumption and won't expose them to life-threatening diseases. And with the construction of a public restroom, the community now has a convenience that they never dreamed of having.

South Sudan South Sudan


Civil War forced thousands of villagers to flee their homes; they returned to find their original villages devastated. And with many of the men killed, women and children were forced to travel great distances to the nearest well to carry home 15 gallon jugs of water per day. Even the smallest children helped to carry the jugs. The dry season often left them with no water, and there was the ever-present threat of disease from contaminated water. Donor funds enabled the Salesians to construct a borehole, dig a well 200 feet deep, and install a hand pump that brings enough clean water to drink, prepare food, and tend to the necessities of daily life. Now the children and their families have the gift of clean water right in their own backyard.



Salesian missionaries in Rwanda completed a project that now delivers fresh drinking water and provides improved sanitation to hundreds of school children and their families. In Rukago, students at the Salesian primary school watched as a new water tank and new sanitary bathroom facilities were installed on school grounds. Now, they have access to better sanitation, water for washing their hands, proper hygiene, and clean drinking water. And they no longer lose precious school time in search of a safe water source, or because of water-related diseases. Already impoverished parents will save on medical expenses for children who have consumed contaminated water - one small step in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Cambodia Cambodia


The Don Bosco Technical School and Children Fund in Kep, Cambodia, benefits handicapped children in danger of exploitation. Salesian Missions knew that special care was necessary to ensure their safety and well-being. This would include providing accessible, clean water and bathroom facilities. Today, thanks to you and the Salesians, there is an on-site self-contained water system. It provides clean water for farming, livestock, cooking and drinking, and sanitary bathroom facilities for 300 children.

Congo Congo


Two Salesian training and vocational centers in the Congo needed water and sanitation improvements. It was essential to provide clean water for students, staff, teachers, visitors and residents of local communities who needed a reliable source of water. You and other caring people provided the resources to install an electric pump, build a 30 foot high tower, and install a water tank. Now - even with frequent electricity outages - clean, life-saving water flows each day to nurture, cleanse, and improve the quality of life.

Water is life thanks to completed Clean Water Initiative Projects

Water Is Life…

Thank you for making our mission, your mission!

Thanks to your help, we have completed several Clean Water Initiative Projects all around the world by building wells, installing water systems, constructing bathrooms and sanitation facilities, developing water supplies for rural communities, and more. Here is a list of some countries where we have helped provide access to clean water:

  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Madagascar
  • Rwanda
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Ghana
  • Philippines
  • Peru
  • South Sudan
  • Zambia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania

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Below are some of our Clean Water Initiative Projects

We hope and pray our friends will once again help make these life-saving projects a reality.
Project Location Funds Needed
Please check back for more water projects.    

Thank you for your generous support in funding the water projects below.

Completed Projects Location Fully Funded
14 KL capacity water tower Tatale, Ghana $22,311
50 M solar pump system with shed Tatale, Ghana $24,448
Borewell for Don Bosco High School Nkhotakota, Malawi $15,000
Install piping and puriication of water and sewage systems Colombia $63,689
Dig a well and install bathrooms Eporia and Jorhat, India $16,000
Complete a deep-well project in the remote village of Murcia Philippines $7,800
Install 35 toilets in Moran town Assam, India $8,850
Install solar water pump for potable water for children to use at the Don Bosco Center Burkina Faso, Africa $5,500
2 borewells for 3 villages Tatale, Ghana $11,743
Borewell for village Sunyani, Ghana $5,871
Borewell for Don Bosco Girls Hostel Sunyani, Ghana $5,871
Borewell for Don Bosco Boys Hostel Sunyani, Ghana $5,871
10 KL water tank on the ground Tatale, Ghana $1,386
Installation of an integrated pump, tank and drilling well for the Chem Chem Youth Center Lumbumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo $28,005
Acquire and install (2) 1,400-gallon water tanks at the Don Bosco Youth Center Namibia, Africa $10,000
Water treatment system for the Center for Malnourished Children Santa Cruz, Bolivia $10,000
Water facility for Tan Tien Vocational Training School Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam $12,294
Rainwater catchment system for Salesian Hospitality and Tourism School Timor-Leste $5,100
Build a well Fianarantso, Madagascar $15,353
Bathroom facilities in 3 schools in Kiyange, Jimbi and Rukago Rukago, Burundi $24,000